Quality policy

Rotatex management understands the importance of quality as a strategic factor in the competitiveness of our company and is fully involved in the assurance and continuous improvement of our processes and products based on the model of the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 : 2008, and as such declared, published and put on general knowledge of the entire organization and all its customers, its Quality Policy consists of:

•    Ensure that identifies the needs and expectations of customers, to transform them into requirements and, through compliance, achieve your satisfaction.

•    Create and maintain awareness of all staff of Rotatex SL, on the importance of meeting customer, statutory and regulatory.

•    Establish quality objectives periodically and define the indicators needed to measure and monitor them, and a sign of commitment to continuous improvement.

•    Assign human resources and technical means at all times, to implement and improve processes and to ensure the attainment of the objectives.

•    Meet with priority non conformities made by customers by claims or complaints and carry out a feedback.

•    Promote collaboration with suppliers to increase responsiveness to customers and optimize costs and resources.

In summary, we focus all our activities on the customer satisfaction.