Rotatex counts with a long career in the field of home textiles, replying theirs customers with agility and flexibility in their orders and never neglecting the quality, which is one of the hallmarks that differentiate this company. We work every day to meet the needs of our customers or those of our potential customers.

On the other hand, the respect to environment is one of the priorities for Rotatex, taking out the following actions:

• Our last investments are aimed to save water and energy.

• All chemical products and dyes used are according to European regulations (Reach and Ökotex)

• We own a water treatment plant where we recycle it for a new use.

We finally remark that Rotatex, taking into account the difficulties of the market, has chosen the way to invest in the aspects that show the differences, such as a high range of colors or as special finishing, in order to fulfill all the requirements of our customers; thanks to a professional and technically trained staff.