Currently, Rotatex is an established company in the field of home textiles, with a staff of 60 employees and the pride to continue betting for a 100% family shareholding.
We count with a long professional track record, replying our customers with agility and flexibility in their orders and never neglecting the quality, which is one of the hallmarks that differentiate this company.


The beginning of Rotatex, in 1981, was not easy, counting with a unique two colors rotative printing unit which offered a finished width of 160 cm, and a small staff of only 4 people.  Read more


After years of hard work and high investments, Rotatex has today a section with competitive dyeing machinery, besides its innovative laboratory to develop and create colors. Read more


Rotatex works every day fulfilling the demanded requirements of environmental legislation.

Quality policy

Rotatex management understands the importance of quality as a strategic factor in the competitiveness of our company